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At The Deep End Training Academy, we deliver the rigorous training for you to become a proper fitness authority!

Whether you are seeking to become a professional in sports massage therapy, personal training, fitness instructing, or even sports injury massage, The Deep End Training Academy executes training courses administered by professionals to give you the best education to be a successful fitness authority. Each program will give you the chance for hands-on learning with a strong foundation in knowledge and experience!

We continually seek to provide the paramount level of techniques and range of training available in the Munster area, ensuring that every course is tailored to the individual needs of each student.

We encourage you to take a closer look at the available courses and find the right fit for you!


Our Current Fitness Courses

Sports massage

Personal training / fitness instructing


sports massage therapy
personal training

Look at What Students are Saying!

“I really enjoyed the course though at the start found it scary as I hadn’t worked in a salon for a long time and my old habits might be hard to break. But once i did a few styles i realized i could easily get back into it. i learned better techniques to what i had learned before. I will use all i learned again and again. Thanks!”
Nadia Powney

“This course completely exceeded my expectations- the learning environment is so calm and relaxed and even if your having a bad week your not made feel that way- enjoyed every minute of it and will use absolutely everything we learned- can’t wait to be back again.”

“I’ve just finished my third course with Maria and I did all this while working 40 hour night shifts a week in a factory. Maria made this easy for me with the help and support she gave. Her range of talents and skills have not only helped me to become a really good stylist but I also have buckets of confidence and that’s just something you cant buy!”
Nadia Powney

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