Kettlebell Training

For individuals looking to improve upon their skills as fitness authorities, The Deep End Training Academy offers a course for to earn an ITEC Level 2 (QQI Level 4) Award in Instructing a Kettlebell Training Session.

Are you a fitness professional who would like to offer a new and exciting class to your clients?

Kettlebell classes bring cardio and strength training together in one quick exercise and are ideal for beginners, as well as athletes.

What makes kettlebells unique is the amount of muscle mass involved in the movements, including the legs, the core, and the upper body so it’s truly a TOTAL body workout AND it’s the fastest FAT BURNING class in the planet .

Some of the benefits of kettlebell training…

  • Core Strength
  • Weight loss (fat burn)
  • Lean and functional muscle mass
  • Improved strength / muscular endurance
  • Enhanced flexibility, coordination, balance and athleticism
  • Injury prevention
  • Strengthening of the entire posterior chain
  • Sporting applications

In this two day course you will learn basic classical and contemporary kettlebell exercise, how to perform them safely and correctly, know what muscle / body part is being worked, and how to integrate them into your existing workouts to add dynamic new resistance and fat burning challenge.

You will also learn coaching skills, to allow you to coach/instruct a Kettlebell Session safely and effectively within your current classes on offer as as a stand alone class

just some of the exercises covered….

Squatting Techniques
Squat, Front Squat, Over Head Squat

Pressing Techniques
Press ,Push Press, Military Press, See Saw Press,Floor Press, Clean & Press, Push up Press

Pulling Techniques
Bent Over Rows, Single Arm Rows, Single Arm Rows from Push up Position

Lower Body Pull Techniques

Swing, Snatch,Clean, Dead lift

Core techniques
1/2 Turkish get up,Windmill,Side Press

Upon completion of the course you will have gained an internationally recognised qualification and brand new skill set with endless class possibilities to recharge and Re – energise your clients.

Call 068 30820 to secure your place.

As always, our courses at The Deep End Training Academy are all internationally accredited and accepted by all employers globally.

Seize this opportunity to become certified in sports massage therapy and make the change into a more qualified fitness authority today!