Nutrition for Exercise

For individuals looking to improve upon their skills as fitness authorities, The Deep End Training Academy offers ITEC Level 3 – QQI Level 5 Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity. This is a qualification that has been designed to enhance your knowledge of nutrition for physical activity.

Whether you are an elite athlete or simply enjoy working out to keep fit, this course will provide you with sports nutrition advice in order to help you to understand the main nutritional areas and keep your diet well-balanced, healthy, and supportive towards the level of fitness you are trying to maintain or achieve.

Learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of the principles of nutrition, key guidelines, nationally recommended practice, the relationship between nutrition and physical activity, as well as learning the principles of nutritional goal setting. Learners will also develop the skills and techniques needed to collect, implement, and analyse nutritional information, and apply nutrition to an exercise and physical activity programme in support of client goals.

This course is fully certified, on completion of assessment and written multiple choice exam, and once awarded is a recognised ITEC Qualification and recognised by REPS.

€500 excluding ITEC reg

Depending on your circumstances ( i.e. If you are in receipt of social welfare payments ) you may be entitled to funding for this programme. You can contact your local SOCIAL WELFARE OFFICER or contact us on 068 30820 for further details.

This course is suitable for anyone who takes part in regular exercise or training sessions that wishes to improve their knowledge of the best diet for their performance, and for Complimentry Therapists who need to take this module. There are no prerequisites to the course and the information included is suitable for learners at all levels.

  • Introduction and Getting Started – nutrition basics, the Eat Well plate, when to eat, snacking, main meals, supplements, water and fluids.
  • Carbohydrates – macronutrients, glucose and glycogen, simple and complex carbohydrates, glycaemic index, correct portions of carbohydrate to have, suitable foods to have during exercise and carbohydrate loading.
  • Fats and Proteins – saturated and monounsaturated fats, omega 3 and 6, trans fatty acids, protein, amino acids, correct amount of protein to have, combining protein with carbohydrate, protein-rich foods and vegetarians/vegans.
  • Drinks – hydration, sports drinks, hypotonic and hypertonic drinks and sodium.
  • Using Fuel – energy, the anaerobic and aerobic systems and how much of each nutrient to have.
  • Different Sport Requirements – maintaining fuel and fluids, strength, power and sprint sports, team sports, boxing, kickboxing, rowing and bodybuilding, weight cycling and weight loss.
  • Understand how to plan a nutritional diet that supports the kind of exercise being done
  • Know when to eat and what to eat in order to get the most out of the nutrients eaten
  • Different aspects of weight gain/weight loss
  • The positive and adverse aspects of dieting
  • The adverse effects of a poor diet
  • Understand the importance, uses and sources of carbohydrates, protein and fats
  • Understand the importance of maintaining fluids
  • Learn how the body uses food for energy
  • Eating disorders and the effects that they may have on the body
  • Understand the different diet requirements needed by different kinds of sport
  • Eating disorders and the effects that they may have on the body

As always, our courses at The Deep End Training Academy are all internationally accredited and accepted by all employers globally. Seize this opportunity to become certified in Nutrition for Physical activity and make the change into a more qualified fitness authority today!