Sports Massage Therapy

For individuals looking to improve upon their skills as fitness authorities, The Deep End Training Academy offers a course to earn an ITEC Level 3 (QQI Level 5) Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy Course. This is an Ideal course for Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals.

Sports Massage applied skillfully is the most effective way of releasing muscular tension and preventing injury to the muscular-skeletal system, and is extremely rewarding to the practicing therapist.

This course has been designed to provide learners with the requisite knowledge, understanding, and skills to work in an unsupervised capacity as a sports massage practitioner, with non-pathological (non-injured) tissue.

€1,680 + €500 ITEC reg

As with all our courses there is an easy payment plan available to allow students to spread the cost of the course. €500 is payable when booking to allow us to enter students with ITEC and to cover the costs of all fees.

Depending on your circumstances ( i.e. If you are in receipt of social welfare payments ) you may be entitled to funding for this programme. You can contact your local SOCIAL WELFARE OFFICER or contact us on 068 30820 for further details.

Successful completion of the course will give candidates the opportunity to offer a full treatment plan for soft tissue, muscular and nerve pain, and dysfunction to the client/patient on an individual basis. Candidates will be able to do this either as part of corporate business team, or within their own private practice, and will be able to provide Sports Massage Therapy as a professional.

Graduates from this course will have the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose acute/chronic pain and injury, and offer effective treatment to their patients. The primary focus of this course, will be in assessment and hands-on skills, to successfully treat and be able to achieve a therapeutic outcome for the client/patient.

ITEC qualifications are recognised worldwide as the syllabus, theoretical testing and practical assessment is always the same which ensures consistent standards and are recognised within the fitness industry in the U.K. and further afield.

This course will cover all relevant areas of massage therapy, sports therapy, and manual techniques for acute/chronic pain.

These are just some of the modules that will be covered in the course:
• Anatomy & Physiology for Sports Massage.
• Principles of Health & Fitness
• Professional Practice in Sports Massage
• Understand the Principles of Soft Tissue Dysfunction
• Sports Massage Treatments

Included in the above are:
• The Skeletal System
• Joints/Movement
• The Muscular System
• The Blood and Circulatory System
• The Respiratory System
• The Nervous System/ Nerve mobilization
• Lymphatics
• Sports Massage Techniques
• Postural Assessment and muscle/joint/and neural testing.
• Soft Tissue Release techniques

Our school is proud to represent the Munster area as one of the top academies to offer this program, with instructors who genuinely care about the development of each student. This is a chance opportunity to hone your skills or develop new techniques throughout the course schedule, which will be of interest to individuals in many fields, giving you the freedom to choose what career and business path you will take with your completed award.

As always, our courses at The Deep End Training Academy are all internationally accredited and accepted by all employers globally.

Seize this opportunity to become certified in sports massage therapy and make the change into a more qualified fitness authority today!