Suspension Training

For individuals looking to improve upon their skills as fitness authorities, The Deep End Training Academy offers a course for to earn an ITEC Level 2 (QQI Level 4) Award in Instructing a Suspension Training Session.

If you are a Fitness Professional, Sports Coach, or Martial Arts Instructor this course is ideal to offer your clients/players/fighters a fantastic full body work out.

Whether your clients want to build strength, lose fat, improve endurance or flexibility, the Suspension Trainer can be used to achieve any fitness goal. Suspension Training is the ultimate Core fitness workout, A revolutionary workout method that uses your body weight and gravity as resistance.

You can…

  • Build Strength
  • Improve Balance
  • Improve Coordination
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Build a Strong Core
  • And Improve Joint Stability

In this two day course you will learn how to plan and integrate both on and off strap suspension movements into your existing classes or as a stand alone class using the correct technique in a safe and effective manner.

You will learn how to deliver a unique high calorie burn workout, burning over 400 calories per session for 1-2-1 training or group classes, using sequencing, which utilises functional training with push, pull, trunk and lower body methodology, working each side equally. You will be able to learn how to use suspension training for special populations and rehabilitation.

just some of the exercises covered….

Squatting Techniques
Pistol Squat, Squat to High Row

Curling Techniques
Situp-to-Curl, Reverse Ab Curl, Hamstring Curl

Single Leg Lunge, Pushup, Running Man, Bridge, Pike

Upon completion of the course you will have gained an internationally recognised qualification and brand new skill set with endless class possibilities to recharge and Re-energise your clients.

Call 068 30820 to secure your place.

As always, our courses at The Deep End Training Academy are all internationally accredited and accepted by all employers globally.

Seize this opportunity to become certified in sports massage therapy and make the change into a more qualified fitness authority today!