Women’s Hair Cutting

This is an internationally recognised qualification and will aid in better employment opportunities and insurance cover.
This course at The Deep End Training Academy is ideal for beginners or for those with an interest in hairdressing as a career. Also for existing hairstylists wanting to upskill their cutting techniques. Students will require models along the way.

In this course we take a look at the foundational cuts in hairdressing:

  • Short One Length
  • Long One Length
  • Short Layered
  • Long Layered
  • The Graduation
  • With a Fringe
We quickly progress onto creative and advanced haircuts including ….
  • The Graduated Bob
  • Asymmetric Cut
  • Twist Cut for curly hair
  • Disconnection
  • Razor Cut
  • Scissors Over Comb
  • Collapsed Layers
  • And much more.
Each cut leads as a natural progression into the next and we teach strong foundation skills to allow you to progress with confidence onto more difficult styles. All cuts follow a logical path through the head making it simple to understand where you’ll begin, where you’ll be going, and where you’ll  finish.
Our approach to cutting hair is one of pure precision, breaking down angles and elevation that allows you to understand cutting and create like never before. If you take cutting hair seriously, and want to be the very best, you’ll want to learn our disciplined approach to help you grow in confidence and become better at your craft.
This is a complete ITEC Level 2 & 3 Module in Cutting Women’s Hair, which can be used towards ITEC Level 2 or 3 Diploma in Hairdressing if desired, and will include :
  • The importance of client consultation
  • Hair analysis and diagnosis
  • Creating a variety of looks
  • Blow drying & styling for  finished result
  • Product recommendation and after care advice
  • Following safe and hygienic working practices
  • How to demonstrate professionalism in the work place
  • The use and maintenance of cutting tools and equipment